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Tube Types:

L3H 18UM TF - L3Harris Mil Spec Thin Film

L3H 18UM - L3Harris Mil Spec Unfilmed

L3H 20UM - L3Harris Mil Spec Unfilmed

L3H 4μm - L3Harris 4 Micron Microchannel Plate Unfilmed

L3H 24UA - L3Harris Mil Spec Unfilmed

Elbit XLSH - Commercial Grade Thin Film

Elbit VH - Mil Spec Thin Film Aviation Grade



The Argus BNVD 1431 Mk.II is a high quality feature rich goggle that offers features that most other goggles don't.  This is the Canada mod version, which is the most recent iteration.  This goggle is light weight and accepts PVS-14 glass (Carson glass is standard, but we can upgrade to RPO lightweight glass for an additional $1000).  The pods articulate and have adjustable friction points and IPD stops.  It runs off a single AA battery and can accept a fisher connection battery pack.  The goggle features adjustable manual gain, and has auto shutoff features.  An onboard illuminator is also included.