L3Harris BNVD-1531

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The BNVD-1531 combines the most popular features from the rugged, battle-proved Night Vision Goggle (PVS-15) and Binocular Night Vision Device (PVS-31) to deliver a new and improved night vision capability to the operative.

Equipped with the new Gen 3 white phosphor image intensifier tubes, it has greater detection range, recognition, and depth perception. The white phosphor tubes produce more natural black and white images, with added contrast detail in shapes and shadows, resulting in overall better visual acuity for operator.

The BNVD-1531 has a significant weight & size reduction over the PVS-15, and can be operated as a helmet-mounted, head-mounted or hand-held system. It also incorporates features such as: adjustable diopters, manual gain adjustment, individually rotating monoculars, and an integrated infrared illuminator.  These units are 2376 minimum FOM autogated filmless white phosphor image intensifiers with no more than 6 spots over 3 thousandths of an inch per tube in zones 2 and 3.

These mil spec units include the full kit: battery pack, battery cable, soft carry case, eyecups, daylight covers, batteries.