Wilcox Binocular/Dual Bridge for SkeetIR/IR Patrol/PVS-14

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The Bino-Bridge for the SkeetIR/IR Patrol provides a helmet-mounted solution for both the SkeetIR and IR Patrol, allowing the operator to use both devices in a hands-free capacity as either a monocular or binocular. It offers versatility, allowing the operator to rotate the individual monoculars and use them separately or together, as well as flip up the NVG flat against the helmet when not in use. The system includes both a dovetail and bayonet horn interface, allowing it to easily integrate with Wilcox dovetail mounts such as the G24, as well as Wilcox Horn mounts like the G11. Made of aerospace grade aluminum, this bridge provides a lightweight yet solid mounting platform, and also features several adjustment points for a precise fit.


Wilcox Modular Dovetail Base
2 - Wilcox Modular Folding Arms


Dimensions 4.5" L x 2.1"W x 1.3" H
Weight 0.380 lb (6.08 oz)