Wilcox Dovetail PVS-14 Arm

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The Wilcox AN/PVS-14 Arm with NVG Interface Shoe, P/N 26300G01,  provides a durable connection for mounting an AN/PVS–14 goggle to a Wilcox Combat Helmet Interface Mount.

It can be easily mounted and dismounted from the AN/PVS-14 goggle by means of a thumb screw, and allows the operator to select the height and angle for comfort with the ability to make fine adjustments to the Arm to customize the position of the Night Vision Goggle for proper eye position and relief.

Manufacturer Part Number: 26300G01


  • Material Construction
    Light Weight, Aerospace Grade Metals and High Strength Polymer
  • Accommodates
    NVG Suite AN/PVS-14
  • Flip Mechanism 
    110º of Travel (Left or Right Eye)
  • Auto On-Off Feature
    Applicable with Wilcox AN/PVS Metal Interface Shoes


  • Weight
    2.08 oz (0.06 kg)
  • Flip Mechanism
    110º of Travel (Left or Right Eye)